Wednesday, May 19, 2010


PBS DGA is a marketing research agency based in Sopot, Poland. PBS stands for Pracownia Badan Społeczny or Social Research Laboratory in English, they do market research for both private and public companies in a variety of different fields. One of their newer research directions involves tracking trends on the internet. Agnieszka Burska (pictured) has been using innovative methods to track consumer habits and opinions for a while now. A few years ago she did a project where she gave consumers cameras to take pictures of their things and then analyzed the results. Currently her interest has been tracking the demographics of the two most popular social networking sites in Poland, Nasza Klasa, or Our Class in English, and Facebook.

Burska explained that Nasza Klasa is used more by older generations who are more concerned with showing their former friends and classmates their current lives, it tends to be more about local social networking. She said common pictures for this site are ones showing children, cars, houses, and vacations. In contrast, Facebook tends to be more popular with younger generations who are more focused on being trendy and using more of a global approach to social networking. Their profile pictures tend to be more artistic and stylized.

Nasza Klasa has been more popular with people in Poland with over 14 million users while Facebook only has 2 million. Recently however, Facebook has been gaining in popularity since becoming available in the Polish language. Nasza Klasa has been trying to implement new features, many of them similar to Facebook. However, many of the newer features of Nasza Klasa have been unpopular and seem to be driving members away, so the title of most popular social networking site may be up in the air.


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