Friday, May 14, 2010

The Adventure Begins

Though storms in the Midwest delayed our initial departure by a couple hours, the rest of our trip went quite smoothly. Waiting in Des Moines allowed us to break out our cameras and start experimenting.  Pantalis went all out, crouching in the middle of the hallways and snapping quite a few photos before we left Iowa.

The Munich airport was abuzz with Duty Free Shops and cafes.  In typical European fashion, though it was only noon in Germany, many patrons were enjoying tall glasses of draft beer.  On the whole, the airport felt very modern.

Upon reaching the Gdansk airport, exhausted from lack of sleep, we were greeted by two of Dennis's old friends from Poland.  I got a ride home with Krzysztof, a lively old neighbor from Dennis's years in Poland. He laughingly pointed out that we could find his car by trying to find the oldest car in the lot.  The ride to the hotel featured a wide host of scenery, including modern shopping walls,  Communist-dated residences, and dense, vast forests.  During the ride Krzys provided familiar complaints of traffic and new construction.

That evening we got a taste of the night life in the Spatif bar.  The photography school that we are working with was hosting an exhibition for graduating students.  Though a little overwhelming at first, the atmosphere provided a fun introduction to young Polish life.  Adorning the walls were large black and white cutouts of Polish actors, musicians, and Spatif frequenters.  Only the next day did Dennis point out that Krzysztof is actually featured in one of these cutouts -- you can see his white pants at the top of the photo above.


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