Saturday, May 15, 2010

Day 2: Exploration

After a long night and waking up at 5am, thanks to getting adjusted to the time difference, we woke up to spend the day exploring our surroundings. The day started off by eating a traditional Polish breakfast complete with cold-cuts, sausages, yogurt, and various other foods that were completely new to me. As a group, we proceeded out our hotel, Hotel Wanda which happens to be a block away from the Baltic Sea, to explore the shoreline.  

This part of Poland is known for it's amber, which can be found on the beach. However, as Dennis Chamberlin, the coordinator of the trip explained to me, the findings of amber on the beach aren't very common except after a storm. However, you can still find tourists searching the shore for the gem. After the shore, the group continued to just sight-see Sopot. We walked down the main street where numerous shops and historic buildings and a few churches can be seen and most of the tourists flock towards. This part of town can get fairly busy, especially during the tourist season where the Polish, Germans, and Scandinavians flock to the coast. Numerous other stops were also in order including a bakery and later a Thai restaurant for dinner. The food wasn't that bad, for being Thai food in Poland! We then hurried to a theatrical performance that was given in English, simply a series of monologues. Exploration continued for a bit, while there was confusion regarding a jazz piano performance that occured the following evening. We took turns climbing up the lighthouse to get some of the best views of the town! Afterwards, we went to see the photography school that we will be working at for the next couple of weeks. We got a personal tour by Jerzy, the director of the school. Here, most of us were highly impressed by the resources that are provided which exceed a lot of what the ISU's College of Design has to offer. We ended the day by visiting a grocery store to buy some bread, sausage, and other necessities to make dinner and we ate as a group in one of the rooms and chatted until late at night.


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