Thursday, May 27, 2010

Highland Shepherds

The Górale people, commonly translated into Highlander, are known for their artisan crafts which include leatherwork, moonshine production and a variety of sheep cheeses. This flock of approximately 400 sheep graze in the hills above the village of Grywałd in southern Poland.

The sheep are milked three times a day and in the spring produce about 70 liters a day. As the summer progresses the amount becomes lower.

 The sheep are brought into the corral for the evening milking.

The family make three different types of cheese from the milk. The most famous is Ocypka, a smoked and decorated cheese that is unique to this region.

Brynza is a soft, spreadable cheese and Bunc is a firmer white cheese.

Most visits to a home, even when it is simply to buy some artisan cheese, include a shot of homemade alcohol.


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