Sunday, May 16, 2010

Day 3

Krzysztof, a close friend of Dennis', went to Gdańsk with us. Gdańsk is larger and busier than Sopot. Instead of posters for local cultural activities, there are posters for the movie - Robin Hood. Sopot also seems to have a more relaxing atmosphere than Gdańsk. One can see people walking their dogs at anytime of the day in Sopot but in the center of Gdansk there were not many people on the busy streets with their dogs.
After visiting the Solidarity Museum and getting to know more about the recent history of Poland, we visited the Old Town city center. It is the part of town where the buildings are from a different century. Gdańsk was part of the Hanseatic League of cities and the architecture looks a bit like what you see in Amsterdam. According to Krzysztof, the original buildings were destroyed at the end of World War II, but the town was rebuilt to look like it did before the war.
There was a huge crowd in Old Town Gdańsk. There were a lot of children in the streets and a group of children were feeding pigeons near the Neptune fountain in the main market square . There was another group of children buying ice-cream from a Gofry stand. Some children were taking pictures and looking around. It was lively and full of sound.


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