Saturday, May 15, 2010

Exploring Sopot

In the morning, while waiting for all the members of the group to congregate, I wandered along the beach, people-watching and enjoying the smell and sound of the Baltic Sea.  Apparently, this area is well known for it's amber, and after a really large storm pieces of this golden treasure will wash up with the surf.  Dennis pointed out that locals knew that last nights storm was not large enough for the amber to surface, but that didn't stop the tourist from looking.  Most of the people I passed had their eyes trained on the sand.

Our afternoon was filled with culture.  We attended a half-hour poetry reading in a small theatre by the sea.  Many cultural events, like theatre and concerts are supported by the government.  We were hoping to catch a philharmonic concert that Dennis thought he had seen an advertisement for, however, it turned out that the concert is on Sunday.


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