Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Obstacle Course

On our first full day in Kroscienko nad Dunajcem, a town nestled in the mountains of Poland, the group stumbled upon an outdoor amusement park, ABlandia. The obstacle course positioned high in the trees caught the groups attention from across the street. Wooden bridges and zip lines were calling our names. Upon further investigation, one could take the blue-line obstacle course, which would take about 45 mins. If, however, you are feeling adventurous, you could attempt the red-line which is more difficult and take about one and a half hours. Pawel and Pantelis decided to dare the red-line. ABlandia also has swimming balls, or huge, inflatable plastic balls that float on water. The rest of the group couldn't resist getting in while waiting for Pawel and Pantelis to finish.
Greg Pierzga is pictured helping Karuna get into one of the swimming balls. He has been the manager at ABlandia for two years. Pierzga previously worked as a photographer at a Kraków newspaper.


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