Sunday, June 6, 2010

In memory of the plane tragedy

Sunday evening, just as we were heading home along ul. Polna, the police appeared and closed the intersection for a crowd that was heading our way. As they reached the roundabout it was clear that several dignitaries, the local bishop, mayor and other prominent politicians were at the head of the group.

Nearly two months after the tragic plane crash where President Lech Kaczyński, his wife and 95 others died, the three-cities area is still feeling the loss. Several people on the plane that crashed while attempting to land near Katyn, Russia were from the Gdańsk and Sopot area.

Jacek Karnowski, the mayor of Sopot, addressed the approximately 200 people in attendance and explained that the roundabout that we were gathered at was officially being named for Maciej Płażynski, the Speaker of Parliament, who died in the plane crash.

Karnowski told the group that there would be more commemorations later in the month when President Kaczyński and his wife would be honored in further ceremonies.


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