Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Dining Scene

Dining in Poland is itself an experience and offers travelers a different array of cuisine not often found in the U.S. The restaurants in Poland, often fairly quaint and many family-owned, range from traditional Polish to Indian and Thai food. The amount of choices in restaurants in Poland certainly isn't slim. Further, despite the choice in the style of cuisine, each restaurant seems to create it's own unique atmosphere adding to the charm of the establishment. Pirogi, one of the most well-known Polish dishes can be found at many restaurants throughout the country. The dish itself consist of dumplings with a potato and cheese filling and often toped with sautéed onions and/or bits of bacon. Another popular dish in Poland is known as "zapiakanka."

A traditional fast food item, it's simply a piece of bread with cooked onions and mushrooms, melted cheese, and a dill sauce or ketchup on top.

In addition to traditional Polish restaurants, numerous other establishments offer international cuisine. This restaurant in Kraków serves Georgian food, including these meat-filled dumplings. The atmosphere found in restaurants throughout Poland were each unique and provided variety that cannot be found in the U.S.

In the mountains of southern Poland, wild mushrooms are a common side dish. The way the Polish traditionally eat daily is to have a small breakfast, often containing cold-cuts, a larger multi-course lunch, and a smaller dinner. The multi-course lunch often begins with a soup followed by a serving of (occasionally) potatoes and dill (one of the most common herbs used in Polish cooking), and either pork, chicken, or fish. Mushrooms and pickles are often included in this main meal.


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