Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Lingering Effects of World War II

A picture of Gdansk in 1945 that was hanging in the Golden Gate in Gdansk.
Appropriately enough the first shots of World War II were fired in Poland. While not alone in its devastation by the Second World War, Poland, unfortunately, got some of the worst. Its precarious position between Germany and the Soviet Union proved extremely detrimental. Warsaw was destroyed by Germans coming from the west and Gdansk was destroyed by Soviet soldiers from the east.
Probably the most surprising thing, however, is how that legacy of destruction is still evident in Poland today. There are still many buildings that haven’t been rebuilt and on the ones that have, the new brick is evident next to the old.

A grain building that was destroyed in the war and never rebuilt.

A Russian sign letting people know the area was clear of any mines that retreating German forces may have planted.

Destroyed buildings in front of the rebuilt city of Gdansk.

A crucifix from the chapel in Malbork Castle that was damaged during World War II.

Renovation efforts in the chapel of the Malbork Castle, most of the other parts of the castle have been rebuilt since being destroyed in the war but the chapel reconstruction is still ongoing.


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